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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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he saw officers arrive very quickly thereafter. >> four or five came in and went right to the computer lab and i heard "drop the gun, drop the gun," and not long after that, shots fired. >> when the officers made contact with the suspect or the individual, he in fact did pull a firearm out of the -- his backpack and displayed it in a threatening manner. the officers in fear for themselves and individuals in the room fired or shot at the individual hitting him. >> that was joe vazquez reporting live from berkeley on the shooting that happened at the haas business school today. for a time that shooting overshadowed an all-day rally on the cal campus. ann notarangelo said word spread fast among students taking part. it doesn't seem to have affected the "occupy cal" movement. there are still thousands of people here. they are in a general assembly considering whether or not to send a letter to state
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educators and state government officials with a list of demands. if they do send this letter, there is an attachment to it that says, if these demands are not met, they will start striking in february. >> would you like it join the 1%? >> reporter: they rolled out the red carpet from "occupy cal" inviting people to become a member of the elite class. >> all we need to you do is write down here lifetime of debt and invitation to privatize today. >> reporter: protestors are frustrated after state funding cuts and tuition increases. some instructors took classes outside. there was dancing and singing. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: many are angry because the regents cancelled their meeting. but another would like fellow students to stop attack of the
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regents. >> it's really demonizing the people who are the only people who are in the position to be able to help us. quite frankly, they are our leaders. and we need their support. >> last week was brutal. i got rapped on my knuckles, jabbed in the stomach. >> reporter: police are still mad about last week's clarks. some of say they are done with the encampment idea and looking for other ways to make their point this. dinosaur stands for what the artist believes is the obsolete university hierarchy. >> they didn't say anything about art installations and so we hope that they will stay for a while and, you know, they are provocative in a different way. >> reporter: there is a growing sense that creativity rather than anger may get them closer to the tipping point. >> some humility, fun and positive energy creative expressions like this. >> reporter: an afternoon rally was attended by thousands. a portion of the crowd marched
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through the streets of berkeley. we are expecting later this evening for them to take a vote on whether or not they will reestablish their encampment and put the tents up. the uc-berkeley chancellor was asked whether or not he would allow that and he referred break to the tree sitters that were in place at the stadium protest for nearly two years. he said he would not let that happen. in berkeley, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. there are concerns tonight about an outbreak of a highly contagious dog disease at the "occupy sf" encampment on justin herman plaza. the san francisco spca says it has already treated four puppies from that camp for parvo. the disease is spread through feces and can live in soil for months. the spca says it's likely it will spread. >> we have a population that's under a great deal of stress living outdoors, loud, unvaccinated, nutritional status questionable, that are just sitting ducks for this disease, unfortunately.
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>> parvo cannot be passed to people. but it can be fatal in puppies. vets say other dogs at the camp are showing signs of kennel cough as well as a dehydrating disease called gardia that can infect humans. the fbi is looking for a hacker changing grades at the santa clara university. the school system is invaded and dozens of student grades have been changed. len ramirez on what investigators know so far. len? >> reporter: they don't know that much. this investigation is just starting to unravel. but investigators or administrators here at santa clara have a problem on their hands. they have to go through tens of thousands of individual transcripts to get to the bottom of the grade-fixing scandal. no one knows for sure how many santa clara university student grades were hacked or for how long the school's security system had been compromised. >> santa clara is taking this very seriously.
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we have had a computer intrusion. >> reporter: the breach only came to light when a very honest former student called to say her transcripts showed she got an a when she remembered getting a b in the course. >> we looked at her situation and couldn't find any explanation why the grade was changed that. prompted us to then look at a broader set of grade records. >> reporter: a probe now involving the cybercrimes unit of the fbi, shows grades were changed dating back to 2006. some went from an f to an a. >> the chatter is coming up where talking about it, we're really disappointed that it happened and glad that something is being done about it. >> reporter: grade hacking has been glorified in movies and several videos on youtube purport to show how it's done. santa clara is working with security computer specialists to prevent future breaches. >> we are doing a full comprehensive review of our
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data security protocols and working hard to restore the records that have been compromised. >> reporter: the damage has already been done. >> it took us a second to realize that by grade change, this could affect when we go to a company and say, hey, this is our gpa from santa clara and then they are going to say, how do we know that that's true? >> reporter: investigators have questioned a 25-year-old computer science major here at santa clara about this. 18 of his grades had been change. he denied any involvement as he is not called a suspect at this time. at this time there are no suspects that have been identified. >> you have to wonder, why so many students? but maybe to cover up the one who possibly did this. >> reporter: that's right. you know, it could get buried in all the information if you have the more people in it and there are more potential suspects, as well. >> interesting. thank you, len ramirez. tonight we're learning government officials urged solyndra to keep quiet about
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planned layoffs until after last year's elections. e-mails from october of last year show the energy department pressured the fremont solar company to delay announcing layoffs until november 3, one day after the midterm elections. earlier in the year, the now bankrupt solyndra had become the poster child of president obama's clean energy initiative. later tonight the santa clara city council is expected to give the go-ahead for initial construction that will help support a new 49ers stadium. it will cost $10 million in current and future tax revenue. the cash-strapped city will need to borrow some of that money from the team. if approved, the stadium is set to open in 2015. palo alto may join a growing list of cities taking a stand against california's high- speed rail project. the city held a public hearing today about the rail's inflating price tag. meantime city officials in san
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jose are having a hard time accepting designs for the project that call for elevated tracks through much of downtown. and kings county, with the project is set to break ground, has filed a lawsuit over how the project is being funded. a mother driving with her two young children is stopped by police in sacramento's and then officers pull out their guns. as koula gianulias shows us it turns out this was all a big mistake. >> i have never felt that much danger in my entire life. i'm 46 years old. >> reporter: a trip to the grocery store turned into a terrifying ordeal for monique and her two little boys. when elk grove police pulled them over and surrounded their car at gunpoint. >> heard that coking the shotgun and i remember turning around to my boys and looking at them telling them it's gets to be okay. you guys, just -- you guys just be still and quiet and don't
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move. >> reporter: she got out of the car and was handcuffed. that's when she realized officers thought she was a car thief. >> it's quite possible it was human error on our part. >> reporter: a spokesman says his agency found monique's stolen car back on october 5 and helped her get it back. but the detective never updated the database. so elk grove police thought it was stolen. >> i know that mistakes do happen. >> reporter: monique says she is far more frustrated with elk grove police officers for what she considers an excessive response. >> our officers are going to treat that as a vehicle stop. so the occupant will be taken out at gunpoint until we determine exactly their involvement in the stolen vehicle. so that's just standard procedure. >> reporter: reporting in sacramento, koula gianulias, cbs 5. a playground swindle but police say the thief is an adult. how a woman is tricking south
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bay kids out of their gold. i'd like to enjoy thanksgiving for a while and then let christmas come. >> an early holiday backlash. how thousands of employees at a retail giant are striking back. and the possible side effect for men when women take birth control pills. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute.
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way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. of their jewelry, at the playground. the hunt is on for a south bay thief who is tricking kids out of their jewelry at the playground. police say a woman has ripped off at least three san jose elementary school girls in the past month. officers say she approach the girls at lunchtime then persuaded themgive her their gold necklaces. in two case, she would place the jewelry with a cheap knockoff. police say the woman gained the girls' trust by pretending to
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be a family friend. >> she is using that as a guise to convince the victims but also the teachers that might otherwise challenge her and say, who are you, that kind of thing. she might portray herself as a parent of one of the students at the school. >> the suspect is in her 30s, accompanied by a little boy between the ages of 3 and 5. if you have been out shopping lately you probably noticed it's going to look a lot like, dare i say, christmas. not everyone feeling that holiday spirit. mike sugerman at the serramonte mall to explain how thousands of employees are striking back. >> reporter: are you tired of the ho ho hoes of christmas before the gobble, gobble, gobbles of thanksgiving? a lot of people are. you turn on the radio and october, you hear christmas music. we do the story every year. this time a twist. some of the stores have set themselves up as a target. the christmas creep is creeping
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up faster. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ >> reporter: this christmas creep isn't the grinch, though some people think so. the decorations are going up at union square in san francisco. at macy's the christmas store opened last month. >> it starts earlier every year. i'd like to enjoy thanksgiving for a while and then let christmas come. >> stores like toys 'r us and stuff like this are going to open at 9 p.m. at night or whatever. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> that's wonderful. >> reporter: for some of, nothing says holiday spirit more than jousting with fellow shoppers early. >> to do it on thanksgiving seems overly ambitious for something that isn't deserving. >> reporter: what about the people have to sell you all that stuff? shouldn't they get a night off with their families? there is a petition online started by an employee of a big box store who made his place a target. don't make us work, he pleads.
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almost 100,000 people are signed on to have target stores open at 5 a.m. instead of moments after thanksgiving. that's a tough sell. >> mentally when the dishes are put away, dinner is done, people are transitioning to preparation for the holidays. >> reporter: golden gate university business professor kit yarrow says people want deals that come with the early shopping and target says it will still open early, early- morning. >> frankly anybody that goes into retail knows that they are not going to have bankers hours. >> reporter: as an alternative, nordstrom is advertising it is avoiding the early christmas hype. no decorations, no crazy black friday deals, in hopes you will appreciate that and shop with them. if you are among those who think the grinch lives before thanksgiving. you know, some people have likened this to the "occupy" movement or at least put it in that category, the 99% deserve some time off. on the other hand, it's nice to have a job these days.
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allen, i now you may be work thanksgiving. some people want to watch news, a lot of people have to work. a lot of people like to shop. so it cuts both ways. >> i'm working thanksgiving but i'm not going to sneak out between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. and try and do any shopping. not going to do it. >> i'm going to be watching you for that. [ laughter ] >> all right, mike. >> what about roberta's present? what about -- >> i'll get them. >> i'm so glad you guys aren't giving me grief this year. i'm one of those people who shops all year long and then stuff it into a closets and then the bank book doesn't get hit so hard at the end of the year. you know you do that out there, too? work with me here. let's work with this. our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out toward the bay bridge, clear skies. yesterday at this time we were talking about today this tuesday as in today was going to be the warmest day of the
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work week. certainly was. we hit 70 in santa rosa and sonoma. currently in santa rosa after sunset it's in the low 60s. clear skies now, patchy fog later on tonight. clouds return to the bay area on thursday, rain by the end. workweek. overnight 40 to 50 degrees overnight lows. 45 in fremont and union city. high pressure in control so enjoy one more day of full-on sunshine. we won't have another one for seven days. numbers coming down into the 50s along the beaches, 65 degrees in campbell, low 60s in milpitas and also in fremont. east of the bay going all the way up to about 65, 66. might see 67 out towards fairfield, vacaville and also the delta. 64 santa rosa.
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extended forecast, clouds on thursday, rainy through sunday with much cooler temperatures. so dana, the rain not so much the factor as the cold weather will be. we'll talk more about that later. >> thank you. muffeddiness and weight gain -- moodiness and weight gain are well known side effect for women on the pill. there is also a potential health risk for men. there may be a link between the pill and prostate cancer in men. canadian researchers found the highest rates of prostate cancer in countries where more women use the pill. why? well, it could be because women excrete estrogen in their urine and it can get into the water supply. several studies have linked estrogen exposure to prostate cancer. a consumer group is take on california's largest for-profit health insurer. today the group consumer watchdog filed a class action lawsuit against anthem blue cross claiming that the insurer breached contracts with nearly
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100,000 policyholders when it raised deductibles in the middle of the year. >> for blue cross to change this increase out of pocket costs and reduce coverage whenever they want, you know, it makes these contracts worthless. >> we have been playing by the rules. we pay our premiums on time and then they change the rules on us. >> now, anthem wouldn't comment on the lawsuit. in the past, it has said that it needs to raise rates to offset rising healthcare costs. a land mine change this 12- year-old's life forever. >> i heard a big bang. >> from the middle east to pier 39. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the ongoing middle east conflict
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is visiting san francisco this . as patrick sedil >> an israeli boy who knows firsthand the consequences of the middle east conflict is here as an ambassador for peace but also a kid here in the bay area having a good time. >> reporter: running football and judo are just some of daniel's favorite activities. today he is making a mad dash around pier 39, his first time in san francisco from israel. [ indiscernible ] >> family to see [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: that's when one event in the golan heights changed his life forever. >> i saw that he doesn't have a leg and i feel helpless.
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>> daniel is an amazing young man, ambassador to the world. >> reporter: she heard about daniel's story and traveled overseas to meet him. now he is here for a visit. we could barely keep up with him. >> he is very, very positive. >> here at the aquarium, riding the carousel, it's what children are meant to do. >> step on a land mine, changed my life. >> reporter: daniel has become a spokesman for routes of peace with a message to share. >> 20, 25, [ indiscernible ] this is my message. >> reporter: a young man dealt a cruel hand of fate but not feeling sorry for himself. he is too busy to see that. in san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. coming up, frank ogawa plaza is cleared. we'll tell you about the other "occupy oakland" encampment and what protestors here are planning to do next. >> a no-no for drivers even
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when you're stuck in traffic. the bad habit that's also illegal. this berkeley grad helped two couples conceive. why asian egg donors are a hot commodity. >> they are willing to pay $20,000. >> reporter: the dream of a perfect baby. coming up next.
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lab this afternoon had, quote, "aggressively" pointed a gun at of police at uc-berkeley say the man they shot in a campus computer lab it afternoon had aggressively pointed a gun at officers. a staff member called police after seeing the man take a gun from his backpack at the haas school of business. there were four students in the third floor computer lab when the shooting happened. they weren't hurt. the man who was shot is at the hospital. so far no word on his condition nor why he had a gun in the first place. this is the first campus shooting at cal since the 1980s. thousands of students and faculty are still on campus for today's day of action strike and general assembly meeting. these are live pictures now from chopper 5. you can see how the crowd has grown. demonstrators are protesting police brutality against
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peaceful protestors, state funding cuts and tuition hikes. in oakland, some protestors kicked off city hall property moved a few blocks away. christin ayers is at the second smaller "occupy" protests at snow park with what the next move for the movement is. >> reporter: they are waiting at snow park biding their time camping peacefully waiting to take action again at frank ogawa plaza, they tell me. >> it's downtown versus the suburbs. this is a lot quieter. the grass is nicer. >> reporter: in a park near lake merritt "occupy oakland" is quietly regrouping. the number of tents has doubled since monday. some campers displaced when police took back frank ogawa plaza monday. with frank ogawa plaza cleared, police are putting up with the protestors at snow park at least for now. >> snow park has never been a problem for us. there hasn't been the violence and the drug dealing and some of the other things that we have had associated with frank
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ogawa plaza. >> reporter: the police department says chief howard jordan has struck a deal allowing the protestors to camp in snow park until monday. then police will tear the tents down. that has not fazed campers. >> it's important for our movement to go back to the plaza. >> reporter: but for now the movement is quiet, dealt a blow during monday morning's raid when well known bay area activist was arrested while meditating. he apparently is not here legally and is now behind bars on a federal immigration hold. protestors who rallied in his name today say "occupy" will pick up steam again. >> i don't think this has done anything but strengthen our movement. it just made quan look like a fool. >> reporter: new cbs 5 poll numbers show 82% of respondents disapprove how mayor quan has handled "occupy oakland." the movement on the other hand had the support of 47% of respondents. the political tug of war has just begun. threats to take down the tent
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city on monday will have no impacts, they say. >> i assume we'll have tents in frank ogawa plaza before then. >> reporter: some protestors told me their plan is to wait for the police presence to thin out. there may not be enough money or manpower to sustain the presence there. a 15-day permit comes with health and safety restrictions. it's not clear how many permits the city plans to give to the protestors in santa rosa. the future of the original "occupy wall street" movement is uncertain. a judge upheld new york city's decision to evict protestors who were camped out in zuccotti park. now, police did allow demonstrators back in this evening. but no tents and sleeping bags are allowed. police moved in overnight with almost no warning. officers arrested some 200 protestors who refused to leave. the mayor says that the park
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had become dangerous and a health risk. >> the first amendment gives every new yorker the right to speak out but does not give anyone the right to slope in the park or take it over -- to sleep in the park or take it over to the exclusion of others. >> new york "occupiers" are planning a huge demonstration thursdaymark the two-month anniversary of the movement. couples who cannot have children on their own often turn to fertility treatments and in many cases egg donors. asian couples in particular are shelling out big bucks to find the perfect egg. linda yee shows us why that is elusive. >> reporter: she is barely 21 and lynn hong is in demand. >> they said they thought that i was pretty and i was tall and i was a berkeley graduate. >> reporter: she has a 3.6 grade point average, young and
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she's asian. the ethnicity in demand. two couples are expecting babies partly because of her. her parents don't know she does it. it's a cultural taboo. >> your giving part of yourself to someone you don't know to create your child. i think the whole biological parental aspects of it would be very upsetting to most asian parents. >> reporter: which makes asian egg donors rare. but having that perfect baby is every infertile parent's dream. a dream that's spawned an expensive industry. hundreds of egg donor databases are offered on the internet. the demand for certain ethnicities widely advertiseed. >> so you're sort of a commodity? >> yeah. highly in demand. like designer genes, i call it. >> reporter: designer genes that can command unbelievable fees in the egg donation market especially when the fertile hunting grounds include elite schools like here at stanford university. this ad is currently running in
6:33 pm
the stanford daily, a couple looking for just the right asian eggs. >> they are willing to pay $20,000 for a donor with characteristics that they are looking for. >> reporter: any takers? >> no. >> reporter: attorney an nurse jackie gorton bought that ad for her client. >> have you posted the ad? >> reporter: she has a reputation for getting hard-to- find egg donors. she says she discourages premium fees because no one could ever meet the criteria to be perfect. but sometimes desperation has a price. >> so the price range could go from what to what? >> i had one intended parent who was asking me to place an ad and offer $40,000. which we did. and again we got no takers. >> reporter: and yet, some services have offered as much as $100,000 for the perfect egg. >> so what we have is the beginnings of the specter of ugenics. >> reporter: the makings of a
6:34 pm
super race says this bioethics professor and he says a slippery slope. >> what we have is an actual egg market, an egg selling not egg donation. >> reporter: he says there should be strict laws. >> there's actually more regulation for the training of circus animals than there is for reproductive technology in the united states. >> there are standards that are set by the american society of reproductive medicine. >> reporter: fertility doctors say voluntary guidelines are enough. the standard fee for donor service ranges from $7,500 to $10,000 a cycle. >> this is not to pay someone for their eggs or a special attributes. this is really to compensate them for their time and effort. >> reporter: which includes a grueling series of shots, doctors' visits and egg extraction surgery. but that standard has resulted in a price fixing lawsuit in california. jackie isn't part of the suit. but she believes there shouldn't be limits to how much
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donors be compensated just like doctors. >> there's no restrictions on how much they can bring in but the donor, she should only be making this much. >> we try do it to protect women to keep women from being induced to something they wouldn't otherwise do. we are being accused of price fixing. >> reporter: lynn hong is satisfied with the $15,000 she made for two donations. they helped pay for her college expenses and another cycle will fund postgraduate art courses. besides, she did this to help two couples who couldn't have children on their own. >> i don't really plan to have children of my own. but hey, i just fulfilled my evolutionary quota. [ laughter ] >> other countries like britain, canada and australia do not allow payment for donor eggs. so many couples come to the united states to find them. the eggs in demand also include ones from blondes, blue-eyed,
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athletic, smart women. preferably from ivy league schools. new era at apple. who is take the place of steve jobs? >> sounded good. it's all unicorns and rainbows. >> what some say is the real cost of ranked choice voting. a closer look at the winners and losers. and what's behind a big cover-up on alcatraz? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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board member arthu apple today announced a new chairman to replace the late steve jobs. current board member arthur levin son will take over. he joined the board this 2000. the president and ceo of walt disney will sign on to apple's board of directors. facebook is fighting a major spam attack tonight. users are taking to the internet with complaints that their news feeds are being flooded with pornography and other disturbing images. facebook says it is aware of
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the problem and it is working on a fix. those in favor of ranked choice voting say it increases voter turnout. that wasn't the case in san francisco last week. only 40% of registered voters turned out. the lowest in 36 years. however, opponents of the system say it disenfranchises minority voters. it turns out the chinese- american voters turned out in record numbers. tonight a closer look at both sides of what some call instant runoff elections. >> what's the ma majority of 26? >> that would be 14. >> reporter: sit 14. the person with the lowest number of votes gets dropped and their second place votes get reallocated. >> give them to these people, right? >> avalos. >> difficultiy. >> reporter: at least i didn't lose any money. he believes voters lose and
6:40 pm
that's not the way he felt as campaign of a board in san jose. >> i was for ranked choice voting before i was against it. >> reporter: now he is against it as anyone. >> mostly it doesn't elect people with a majority and discriminates against non- english speakers and ethnic minorities. >> reporter: corey cook is the director of leo mccarthy center for public service and the common good. while his research shows in san francisco errors are more likely to be made in ethnic communities, he says the rate is low and he says ranked choice voting works like it's supposed to. >> if you look at jean quan, she won because she was more preferred to don perata. she was on 8% more ballots than he was on at all. >> reporter: san francisco, ed lee won with 60% of the vote after ranked choice voting was implemented. in the initial vote count he
6:41 pm
had 31%. he cites supervisor malia cohen's victory last year in san francisco. >> she was initially in third place on the initial tally of ballots and won the race. in a two stage runoff she would not have been in the runoff but if you look at the data from the election she was the most preferred candidate. >> 18,000 voters voted that day and she won with 4, 321 votes. or about 24% support. how in god's green earth can you determine that 4,000 votes out of 18,000 is the majority? it just isn't. >> the strongest argument for the system is it avoids the cost of a runoff. they hope to put the repeal for it on the june ballot and need four other supervisors to get it on the ballot. if you have a story idea, log on to, click on connects and vole down to closer look and send me an
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email. a bay area driver finds out the hard way what's illegal it do even if you're stuck in traffic. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, we are noting a chill in the air. and get on outside tomorrow and enjoy it. i'll pinpoint the dayto expect the big time changes. new email sheds line on the penn state scandal. did the coach who witnessed and alleged child rape tryprevent it? that story is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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transformed. the 250- thousand gallon water tower is being covered with scaffolding dergoes a 71-year-old alcatraz transformation, the water tower is covered up with scaffolding and tarps. it's going to have repairs because they found rust and decay when they inspected it. they don't use it. but there was concern it might not hold up in an earthquake. repairs will take about 6 months. and it will cost more than a million dollars. in case you don't know this, you may want to think twice before taking out your
6:46 pm
cell phone at a red light. the state appeals court in san francisco says even though you're stopped, you are still breaking the law. the court upheld an earlier ruling against a richmond driver who was find $103 for dialing a cell phone and holding it to his ear while he waited for the light to change. the driver's lawyer plans to take that case to the state supreme court. tuesday even, november 15. really you couldn't ask for a better autumn day here in the bay area. good evening. we had high temperatures pretty near normal for this time of the year. 70 in santa rosa today and in sonoma. clear skies this evening. temperatures cooling off very rapidly, one the sun did set at 4:58. by the time it comes back up tomorrow morning at 6:49, we'll fill in with some areas of patchy fog. otherwise, currently 50s and 60s. we'll be tumbling down tonight between 40 and 50 across the board.
6:47 pm
mid-50s across the central bay, low 40s in concord. 84% waning gibbous moon. patchy fog, cloudy thursday, rain and cool temperatures on friday all the way through the weekend. sure, my opinions is still in command, key component producing a benign weather pattern throughout the entire state of california divert, the storm track to the north. but then the bottom falls out. take a look at our rain's futurecast as the rain begins to inch closer to the bay area. by thursday, it even paints a little bit of light precipitation across the central bay. i think it's overplaying it. we want to be on the safe sidecarry your umbrella on thursday but we'll have rain developing friday. cool temperatures .25" of rain expected. until then numbers slide downward, 50s at the beaches, 64 at santa clara down from today's high of 67 degrees.
6:48 pm
low 60s in hayward. late day northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour topping off tomorrow in pleasanton at 64, otherwise mid-60s common from brentwood back through discovery bay. 64 in santa rosa down from 70 today. also 64 degrees in mill valley. not a bad looking fall day tomorrow. then we'll notice increasing cloud cover on thursday. light rain showers in and out of the rain. that's very important to note on friday because of the lighting of the embarcadero building. also the holiday ice rink opens up the and then saturday a lingering shower possible. mostly cloudy and cool and a chance of a second wave moving through saturday night through sunday morning remaining raw. we are just going to all kind of like hunker down over the weekend start getting the thanksgiving dinner ready and prepared. start doing the cook and slicing. that's what we do at my house. we do this. [ chopping ] >> making the tamales, right? >> and quesadillas.
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>> what time is dinner? >> be careful of the ice skating rink. you could be out of commission for days or weeks. coming coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw, at 11:00 on cbs 5, the natural remedy that will get you back on your feet had no time. a villified penn state coach says it's not what you think. i'm dennis o'donnell. has your child ever had to decide between athletics or academics? the story you won't believe next.
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ch things still unfolding at penn state. >> it's like the onion. we'll keep peeling layers back and it's going to get worse. there is new information in the child sexual assault scandal that led to the removal of penn state coach joe paterno. wide receivers coach mike mcqueary was a graduate assistant in 2002 when he says he witnessed former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky sexually assault a young boy in the locker room shower. since the scandal broke, mcqueary has been heavily criticized for not stopping the assault and reporting the
6:53 pm
incident to police. today an allentown newspaper obtained an email that he sent it a friend at november 8. mcqueary wrote i did stop it not physically but made sure it was stopped when i left the locker room. i did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of the police. no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30 to 45 seconds, trust me. when reached by cbs news, mcqueary declined comment. ronnie lott once cut off the tip of his pinkie so he could play in a football game. this weekend, another player faces a dilemma. the gridiron or academic genius? the rhodes scholarship committee had scheduled a finalist interview this saturday with yale quarterback patrick witt. that's when he is supposed to be playing in yale's biggest game of the year against rival
6:54 pm
harvard. what has witt decided to do? what do you think? he is going to play football. >> no. >> passing up his shot to become a rhodes scholar. incredible. college hoops, mike krzyzewski in new york. his blue devils beat michigan state 74-69. it is career win number 903 for coach k giving him the all-time division one record break the tie with his mentor, bob knight, whom he hugged at the courtside after the game. late night in moraga, st. mary's tipped off the season at 11:00 last night. the gaels had little trouble with the steal all the way st. mary's leading by 13 at the half. gaels held northern iowa to just 27% shooting. the big block by walker and then they go on a 14-0 run to pull a watch so espn what they do, they do 24 hours of nonstop basketball and st. mary's does their share. they are 2-0. they win 57-1. detroit's justiner have
6:55 pm
land earth is unanimous winner of the cy young award. he led the american league with 24 wins, 2.40 e.r.a. at 250 strikeouts and threw a second career no-hitter. he was the ninth unanimous winner american league history, justin verlander. having good field vision a requirement but a santa rosa boy sees the game and opponent in a completely different light. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: in 2009, something tragic happened to maria carillo's sophomore drew kemp. >> i couldn't see the other side of the field goal, couldn't see what was happening too far away. >> so we went to the doctor's immediately and he wasn't even able to see the big giants e and the wall. and so high heart sank, thinking oh, lord. >> reporter: the after individual soccer playing was diagnosed with a rare disease that decreases vision rapidly. >> it's [ indiscernible ] you lose your vision in a matter of
6:56 pm
short period of time. >> reporter: drew can't make out anything past 10 feet away. and he can't read or see the blackboard at school. >> it was hard at first. i was really shocked, stunned, wasn't expecting it. >> reporter: what else went through your mind? >> everything is going to change of the i'm blind i guess it was just like people are going to think about me differently. >> reporter: but they didn't. drew tried out for the jv soccer team at maria carillo and made it. >> when i first made the selections, i didn't know that he, you know, had a vision impairment. i just selected him based upon the same merits that i select all the other players and it wasn't until later that i found out. you know, he wants to earn his spot on the team like everybody else and he did. >> reporter: drew relies on his experience instinct and work ethic on the soccer field. >> i played for so long before that i know the game pretty well so i know usually what to be where to be different plays of the game so i have some skills that have helped me counter baffles the mistakes i make. >> reporter: and there is the occasional mix-up that drew is
6:57 pm
able to laugh off. >> i was trying to get the ball out of turn i thought the ref was one might have flavors. i kicked to him and luckily there was no there and ran really quick and got the ball. i have learned to persevere through everything and keep going, don't just stop what you're doing. keep going, living your life and don't just give up on yourself. just go for things. if you don't think you can do it just try it and have a good time. >> attitude will take you a long way. >> phenomenal. >> drew has a 4.3 grade point average. >> whoa. >> one day he may have to decide between the rhodes scholarship and a soccer game. >> i think he will take the scholarship. he is smart. >> he clearly has a great sense of his physical self, you know? he knows where it place himself. >> absolutely. >> his balance. >> he may not have vision awareness but certainly he knows where he is. see you have at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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